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Ben, he/him, 20 // mentally ill + mixed-race latinx // DID system // engaged // cha0screw on xbox // Apollo worshipper

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Cold pizza is OK but cold spaghetti is a life changing experience send post

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this just in: savethelesbians is Cancelled for their terrible spaghetti views

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i mean.....bad things are life changing too....

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blocked and reported for spaghetti crimes

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Has anyone done this yet?

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trans rights are human rights

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Tamaki is best boy

cozy momojirou is so soft;;;

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i still like this lapis and amethyst fusion i made

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guess who started watching Star vs. the Forces of Evil!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Globgor and Meteora totally said baba not dada or papa.

Look at this dad fighting for his family in god damn underwear (I really wished they would have given Globgor a new outfit after Cornonation, but ehh)

Also? Fuck the MHC (Except Heckapo who pulled through for us in the end)

I know opinions differ on the finale of the show (in my own opinion it felt kind of underwhelming) But it was still good and the creators worked with what they had. Keep in mind the writers originally planning for one more season after this but never got approved for it.

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I can't believe star thanosed the magical high commision.

Tom is (one of) my favorite demon boys!

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